Data Protection Systems

How would your company cope in the event of data loss? If you went in to work tomorrow and your server had malfunctioned, would your business be able to continue? If your systems are affected, how much revenue could that lose you?

Hardware can be replaced, your data cannot. How much is it worth to you? Most companies have a backup strategy, but many have holes. There are numerous things that can go wrong, and they can cost your business a lot of money.

At WFF we have been in the business of protecting data for a number of years, and are now able to offer you a fully automated offsite backup service. For a small fee, we can have your data copied to one of our secure servers every night. By running in the evenings, we even ensure no extra network traffic is noticable during business hours. More importantly, the system is completely transparent, requiring no effort from you.

Whilst we believe no single method is sufficient on its own, there should always be more than one backup of critical information, this does offer a great fallback when other methods have failed. When backups cost as little as a pound a day, is it really worth not doing?